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Our Love Story

Our love story hinges on our mutual enthusiasm for life, our shared passion for food and sports, and an unceasing quest for personal growth.

Chris and I stumbled upon love in an unexpected time, right in the middle of the pandemic's uncertainty. From the moment we met, there was an instant connection. We discovered we both love life in similar ways, sharing passions, dreams, and a determination to grow. Our journey together, through all its ups and downs, has strengthened our bond and deepened our commitment to each other.

We believe in facing challenges together and having open, sometimes tough, conversations. We're strong advocates for therapy and counseling, viewing them as powerful tools for personal growth and overcoming hurdles. It's all about openness, communication, and growth between us.

We've talked about expanding our family for some time now. Meeting later in life led us to consider paths to parenthood we hadn't before, like adoption. We believe it could be a rewarding and fulfilling journey for us both.


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