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Our Home

Living between New York City and Connecticut, our lives are a fun mix of city buzz and peaceful nature. It's like having two worlds in one life.

We split our time between the hustle and bustle of New York City and the peaceful, tranquil setting of Connecticut. We love to enjoy the art, museums, restaurants, and friends in NYC during the week. But on weekends and throughout the summer, we escape to Connecticut. Here, we indulge in outdoor adventures like kayaking, making s'mores over bonfires, going for hikes, and bird watching. This balance between vibrant city life and quiet countryside gives us the best of both worlds.

And then there's France. It's our third home and every year we visit to spend time with Sophie's family and friends. Plus, Chris loves the French Alps.

We have plenty of room for a child with our two-bedroom apartment in NYC and our three-bedroom house in Connecticut. With nearby playgrounds in the city and lots of kid-friendly activities and families in Connecticut, we're ready for our family to grow.


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