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Family & Friends

In life, you have family and friends. For us, our friends are so much more—they've become a second family, adding a layer of richness, trust, and loyalty to our lives.

Chris is the oldest of three boys, uncle to a one-year-old niece and a nephew who is on the way. His parents and one brother live on the East Coast, while his youngest brother is on the West Coast.

Sophie's family resides in France and she has a younger brother. Sophie takes pride in being an aunt to a two-year-old niece and a seven-year-old nephew. Her dad and grandma are in Paris and Sophie's mom, who passed away ten years ago, would have been overjoyed with our adoption plans.

We're lucky to have a wonderfully diverse group of friends. Some are parents, others are engaged, single, or raising kids on their own. Chris's friends include folks he's known since childhood, people he's met through work, and a lively group of Australians buddies he met here in New York. Sophie's circle is primarily made up of friends she's met through work, with most of them hailing from Europe or Canada (the French-speaking connection). She also has close friends from her childhood in France, and they catch up with long chats every week.


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