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An Open-hearted Letter to Expectant Parents

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We want to start off by saying: we understand how hard this must be for you. Decisions like these are never easy, especially when your world may seem entirely upside-down. What we hope these words provide you with is comfort and reassurance in knowing that whatever choice you make, it comes from courage and strength.

Our journey to adoption wasn't a straight road. When we decided we wanted to have children, life had other plans. IVF didn't work for us. We're now in our early forties and accepting our reality, adopting started to look like our next chapter. And then we realized, perhaps it was meant to be this way.

We spent our younger years chasing adventures and personal growth, just as you might be doing. We understand what it means to fully live your life before welcoming a child into it.

Choosing to become parents wasn't just a quick thought for us, but a serious decision we made over time. We know we can't fully understand the mix of feelings you might be going through, but we do realize how heavy it can be to face such a major life-changing choice.

Your consideration to plan adoption is an act of profound bravery and love. It's tough, there's no sugarcoating that, and it will be an emotional journey for both of us. But please know, we admire and respect you immensely for even taking this step.

On our end, we're ready and excited to become parents. If you wish, we're open to maintaining a connection with you, because we want our child to know their roots. And we're open to sharing their growth and milestones with you while ensuring their safety and well-being.

Remember that no one is perfect, us included. We have our quirks and flaws, but what we can promise unreservedly is our unconditional love for this child. We are eagerly waiting to provide them a stable, loving home where they're invited to grow into the person they're meant to be.

Feel free to communicate with us. We are here for you, with open hearts and open minds.

Chris and Sophie

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