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We deeply respect the courage it takes to reach out and explore this path of adoption. Your anonymity is valued here, and you can comfortably keep your last name to yourself.


Once we hear from you, we promise to respond and address any questions you may have, in whichever format you're comfortable with—email, text, phone, or Zoom.


We work with a lawyer to ensure everything runs smoothly and recommend you have representation too. Your decisions aren't easy, but they matter immensely, and we completely respect your journey. 


Your consideration of us as potential parents is profoundly meaningful. We promise to cherish and safeguard your child, offering a joyful life infused with respect for their origins. We strongly believe in open adoption, and we're committed to crafting the best life plan possible for your child.

Let's navigate this incredible journey together; we've got this!❤️

Chris & Sophie

We're working with a lawyer
Ask him anything about us or the process

Greenberg & Greenberg - New York Adoption Attorney
James M Greenberg, Esq.
Office Phone: 516-621-7717

Office Mobile: 516-606-3173

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